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Southern Clothing

Here at Straight Up Southern, you’ll find a price and quality combo that none of the other southern clothing brands can offer. Our team is very proud of all of our great collections of southern yell apparel. The full list of products includes hunting T-shirts, adjustable southern hats, and accessories. And let’s not forget our special bundles with some of our best items!

Love It, Live It - Duck Hunt Ready Black Lab T-Shirt


Gear up for the thrill of duck hunting with our "Love It, Live It" T-shirt, featuring a poised black lab ready for the next adventure. This dynamic design captures the...

Diesel Power - Diesel Pickup and American Flag T-Shirt


Celebrate the rugged power of diesel with our "Diesel Power" T-shirt, featuring a commanding diesel pickup truck proudly displaying the American flag. This design embodies the strength, freedom, and Southern...

Lab With Mallard - Black Lab Retrieving Mallard T-Shirt - Indigo


Celebrate the remarkable bond between man and dog, as well as the thrill of waterfowl hunting, with our "Lab With Mallard" T-shirt. This captivating design features a loyal black lab...

Armed and Ready - Lab Ready to Hunt T-Shirt - Tan


Gear up for the hunt with our "Armed and Ready" T-shirt, featuring a loyal lab by your side and a trusty shotgun in hand. This dynamic design embodies the excitement...

Ducks and Bucks - Mallard Duck and Whitetail Buck Hunting T-Shirt - Green


Embrace the diverse world of Southern hunting with our "Ducks and Bucks" T-shirt, featuring a magnificent mallard duck and a stately whitetail buck. This dynamic design celebrates the excitement and...

Strut and Rut - Turkey and Whitetail Buck Hunting T-Shirt - Navy


Go out in style with our Straight Up Southern Strut and Rut t-shirt. Featuring a proud turkey strutting and a majestic whitetail buck, this shirt perfectly embodies the southern hunting spirit....

Bone Collector - Beagle Shed Hunting T-Shirt


Embrace the thrill of the hunt with our "Bone Collector" T-shirt, featuring a determined beagle on the trail of shed antlers. This captivating design captures the essence of Southern shed...

Camo Logo - Southern Pointer Silhouette Flag T-Shirt


Unleash your Southern spirit with our "Camo Logo" T-shirt, proudly featuring the iconic Straight Up Southern pointer silhouette against a camouflage flag backdrop. This design is a powerful symbol of...

Buck Nothing Better - Trophy Buck Hunting T-Shirt


Declare your passion for hunting with our "Buck Nothing Better" T-shirt, featuring a magnificent trophy buck in all its glory. This striking design pays homage to the pursuit of excellence...

Old Shells - Old Shells Display T-Shirt


Celebrate the rich heritage of Southern shooting sports with our "Old Shells" T-shirt, showcasing a vintage shelf adorned with a collection of classic shotgun shells. This design pays tribute to...

USA Truck Dogs - Southern Dogs and American Flag T-Shirt - Blue


Celebrate the Southern spirit, loyal canine companions, and your love for the USA with our "USA Truck Dogs" T-shirt. This heartwarming design features a set of Southern dogs in the...

US Camo Flag - Camouflage American Flag T-Shirt - Black


Show your patriotism with a twist of Southern flair with our "US Camo Flag" T-shirt, featuring the American flag in a captivating camouflage pattern. This design merges the spirit of...

Turkey Mount - Southern Hunting Culture T-Shirt


Elevate your Southern hunting pride with our "Turkey Mount" T-shirt. This bold design showcases a proud mounted turkey fan, symbolizing the very essence of Southern hunting culture. Crafted from high-quality...

I'd Smoke That - Hog Silhouette T-Shirt - Grey


Share your love for the art of smoking and grilling with our "I'd Smoke That" T-shirt, featuring a bold hog silhouette marked with the cuts of pork. This design celebrates...

Three Dogs America - Trio of Labs and American Flag T-Shirt


Celebrate the love for dogs and the USA with our "Three Dogs America" T-shirt, featuring a trio of loyal labs proudly displayed alongside the American flag. This design embodies the...

USA Flag - American Patriot T-Shirt - Heather Red


Embrace your love for the USA with our Straight Up Southern "USA Flag" design, proudly featuring Old Glory on a vibrant red shirt. This attention-grabbing design is the ultimate choice...

Making Waves - Bass School and American Flag T-Shirt


Celebrate the bass fishing and patriotism with our "Making Waves" T-shirt, featuring a dynamic school of bass forming the unmistakable shape of the American flag. This design captures the essence...

Hunt Fish Flag - American Flag with Hunting and Fishing Icons on Safety Orange T-Shirt


Show your passion for the great outdoors, hunting, and fishing, all while displaying your American pride with our "Hunt Fish Flag" T-shirt. This unique design features the American flag adorned...

Spent Shell - Shotgun Shell T-Shirt


Celebrate the power and precision of Southern shooting sports with our "Spent Shell" T-shirt, featuring a dramatic close-up of a shotgun shell. This design pays homage to the artistry of...

Lab on Dock - Southern Lakeside T-Shirt


Step into the tranquility of Southern lake life with our "Lab on Dock" T-shirt, featuring a golden retriever gracefully seated on a rustic dock by the lake. This picturesque scene...

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound - Flat Nose Pickup Truck T-Shirt


Embrace the rugged spirit of the South with our "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound" T-shirt, featuring a classic flat-nose pickup truck that's synonymous with Southern adventure and freedom. This design...

Buck Fight - Dueling Bucks Wilderness T-Shirt


Capture the intensity of the wild with our "Buck Fight" T-shirt, featuring two majestic bucks engaged in a fierce and captivating duel. This powerful design pays homage to the raw...

Dog in Blind - Retriever in Duck Blind T-Shirt


Celebrate the heartwarming partnership between hunter and retriever with our "Dog in Blind" T-shirt, featuring a devoted retriever nestled in a duck blind. This touching design pays homage to the...

Fly Em - Patriotic Pride Double Flag T-Shirt


Elevate your patriotic spirit with our "Fly Em" T-shirt, a tribute to Southern pride and the great outdoors. This shirt proudly features two American flags, symbolizing the freedom and resilience...

Bow Buck Skull - Bow Hunting Buck Skull T-Shirt


Unleash the spirit of Southern bow hunting with our "Bow Buck Skull" T-shirt, a fusion of artistry and archery. This unique design features a stylized buck skull intertwined with archery...

Lab Challenge - Marsh Charger T-Shirt


Embark on an adventure with our "Lab Challenge" T-shirt, capturing the dynamic spirit of a black lab charging through the marsh. This bold design celebrates the energy and enthusiasm of...

Lab With Mallard - Black Lab Retrieving Mallard T-Shirt Pocket T-Shirt - Green


NEW POCKET STYLE!  Get ready to show off your southern pride with the Straight Up Southern Lab with Mallard T-Shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this comfortable tee features a graphic...

USA Truck Dogs - Southern Dogs and American Flag T-Shirt Pocket T-Shirt - Blue


NEW POCKET STYLE! Step up your patriotic style game with Straight Up Southern's USA Tailgate Dogs shirt. This eye-catching design showcases three adorable dogs riding in the back of a...

In the men’s southern clothing department, we have some of the most awesome designs for lovers of southern culture. Our mission goes beyond offering top-quality clothing, and we also want to help southerners show love for their region. You’ll find designs in our products that have some common and beloved images down South. We’re proud to say we have different styles for different types of southern men and women.


Goes without saying that we southerners have a great passion for our country, the United States of America. Having this in mind, we wouldn’t be a proper southern clothing store if we didn’t have the American flag and its colors in several products. Our passion for duck hunting and deer hunting also doesn’t go unnoticed, and you’ll find many T-shirts and hats models with some of these animals. 


Our adjustable fishing hats are often ordered by the bulk and can help you to finish off your mens southern clothing look in the coolest way possible. And for those who are not so fond of hats, you can also find options for beanies or even duck camo straw hats.

We have short-sleeve and long-sleeve options and some of our best printings are available in both. You can also find beautiful camouflaged models of hats, T Shirts, or even decals and koozies, which are some of our non-clothing accessories. That means we can help you keep your beer cold and upgrade your style (and your car’s) all at once. Not so bad, huh?

Take advantage of discount prices of up to 75% on multiple items, free shipping on most orders, and multiple payment options available. Take your pick for you, your friends, and your family. Create your own southern yell apparel style with our help, shop now!

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